Creating Wind Power

I f you live in a rural area or just moving to the country and wants to get off the grid, and possesses any type of technical skills, here’s a video for you. This article may seem curious to city dwellers who have taken for granted their creature comforts, and may not imagine some people have to travel to town to pay to sit at a computer for a half hour, or have to light a wood fire to boil water. How about a simple turbine to charge a cell phone. This information might be useful to the rural man. Yes, he may have to travel to town to access the computer and print the information to do this, but it will pay off in the end.

Suppose you want some electricity, just enough to perform your daily needs, maybe a little night-light, you can start with this video as  a warm up: Just to see the possibilities.  A basic wind turbine is very simple to create and since you are moving away from all city demands and needs, and preparing for the return of Christ, you might be one to be satisfied with consuming less power. If a simple wind turbine is not enough for your needs, then upgrade to a more complex system that can still be managed from a DIY approach.

Many of these power projects calls for items that may be unavailable to the average person in a rural setting because of funds. You can use alternative sources for some of your material. This also can be an ongoing project for young people who are easily bored, and it will keep them engaged and occupied. Here are two simple concept videos of the larger picture you would be trying to achieve:

All the videos on utube created by new physicist on turbines are very useful. Search them out.

This video is for the person who does not want to build from scratch but rather get a kit with instructions to build their turbine:

Here’s the information promised of some recycled material for building the axis for the wind turbine base:

If you can afford to be more creative here’s more:

and more:

After studying these videos a few times, any Davidian, or those who have been studying to show themselves approved, should have developed a strength of intellect to the extent that they are able to create the simplest form of a wind turbine that may be useful to themselves and/or someone else, if not only for practical purposes but for the business of learning alone.

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