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Advantage Of Schooling At Home

Schooling at home cuts out traveling time; transportation cost; or dorm cost; not to mention the long hours spent with unbelievers. Not to mention you’ve saved hours of your day to do other things of interest.

We do not encourage institutional education, not discourages it for those who are bent on doing it, anyway. We are attempting to lay out what the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy have to say about God’s brand of Education VS Institutional Education. This would allow young adults to make their own decisions. If they trust and obey God as they should, He would guide them to make the right choices.

It’s just another way to look at education rather than the traditional way most of us think of it. This would assist youths if they chose to educate themselves in some field that would be useful to themselves, God, and the rest of humanity. Not all education is condemned, but education must be put in the right perspective to be of any good use to a christian life. Read the article on this site called: Highly Educated.

How you can help:

If you are currently working on an online degree or have completed one please write a review or recommendation. One review can make a huge difference. What do you wish you knew before you enrolled? Share your story with the world.

Here are a few reviews of distant learning colleges we found online

Recent Reviews:

You must be self-motivated for WGU
Western Governors University – December 20, 2017
The program was very educational, but I would advise anyone thinking about attending WGU to be highly self-motivated. There are not a lot of deadlines, so the student him or herself must be motivated to set goals and work to achieved them on schedule. If you like to put-work, go …

SNHU was and is the best school for me
Southern New Hampshire University – December 18, 2017
I started SNHU in 2015 and I will graduate in 2019. I have been to other online universities and I can say that when it comes to having support and people being there for SNHU wins hands down. After my third semester I was not doing so well due to …

Expense, takes some effort but you get a degree
DeVry University – December 17, 2017
I have read all the reviews and due to the negativity thought I’d give my 5 cents. I can agree that this school is in it for the money, but these days it is pretty much expected and the typical American greed. The course material in gen ed courses or …

Excelsior College – December 17, 2017
I completed my course back in 2014. IT WAS NOT EASY. I failed CPNE the first time and passed the second barely though. I don’t believe EC is out there to fail anybody however, their CPNE examiners were not nice people at all. Very biased. I thank God for the …

Doctor of Public Health Specialization Epidemiology
Capella University – December 15, 2017
What a year Capella Ambassadors, Let’s Go Out With A BANG, & In With A Plan!! We, have witness a year of ups and down’s. I myself went through the loss of a mother and middle sister. The loss of many lives, due to forest fires, schools shootings, drive-by, Hurricanes, …

unprofessional and they don’t understand there own processes, scattered
Northern Arizona University – December 13, 2017
Staff is unhelpful and very unprofessional. Took 6 months for them yup review my application and transcripts… looking into other schools that are willing to help people achieve there goals not held them back. Follow link for full reviews: http://www.onlinedegreereviews.org/college/western-governors-university-reviews/reviews/#13833

How Does Someone Attend College at Home?

There is an ever-increasing number of opportunities for students who would like to pursue a college degree from home. Read below to find out about a few of the ways that someone can attend college through distance learning programs.

Attending College from Home

Attending college from home is an increasingly popular and viable way to pursue an academic degree. Students often do not have the freedom or financial resources to dedicate years solely to a degree program. Completing a degree through distance learning allows working professionals to complete coursework as their schedules allow and at their own pace. The two most common ways to attend college through distance learning are via online and correspondence classes.

Important Facts About Attending College From Home

Degree Certificate Levels Certificate, bachelors, graduate, and doctoral
Online Availability Fully, partially, blended
Some Common Programs Economics, Nursing (RN to BSN), Public Safety Management, Finance, Small Business Specialist Certificate
Possible Careers Business administration, education, and information technology

Online Degree Program

The majority of students attending college from home are enrolled in online degree programs. In recent years, the number of available online programs has increased greatly. Students can enroll in online certificate programs and associate, bachelor’s, master’s and even doctoral degree programs. In these programs, students receive and complete their coursework electronically. Because of the course delivery method, students must have access to a personal computer that is connected to the Internet. Most programs are asynchronous, which means that students do not have to be online at a particular time of the day. This format offers:

  • Online interaction with classmates and faculty
  • Efficient correspondence via e-mail
  • The ability to save work electronically
  • Coursework that is accessible from any computer with Internet access

Correspondence Degree Program

Students who do not have access to a computer may be interested in a correspondence degree program. Because of the increased use of personal computers, correspondence courses are becoming less common. In this format, students receive and return their coursework through the mail. Completing work in a physical format is appealing to some students, but this format may take longer to complete than an online program because communication is less immediate. This format offers:

  • The ability to work manually with physical coursework
  • The ability to work without a computer or Internet
  • An experience more similar to being physically present on a campus

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