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. Considering how few Seventh-Day Adventist homeschooling video testimonials are available to choose from, we had to go through the worldly assortment to select a few meaningful ones, which should be of great help to those who are considering homeschooling for their children.

We do not promote the clothes some of these people are wearing; but we have kept it to a minimum in order not to be offensiveness to members. Though these people are not Davidians, they are striving for a wholesome lifestyle for their children and the information they share is invaluable.

They are determined to keep their children under their influence.  We pray that more of them would do this whereby the children’s minds would be more prepared to receive the Loud Cry of the third angel message. Homeschooling keeps the mind free from all the corruption and misinformation found in the public school atmosphere.

A short comment is made on each video and you can let us know how it helped you, and any other positive helpful information you would like to share about homeschooling. If you have or can find better videos for this page we will upload them too. It’s your community. Better yet, send us your home videos of your homeschooling routine with your children. God bless!

A Seventh  Day Adventist couple give their testimony not only of homeschooling but how they combined country living with it.

These are some nice to know observations for a parent who’s about to start home schooling their kids. It deals with the anxiety of new starters and gives them the understanding that it is not as daunting as it seems.

This video gives a practical demonstration of a day of homeschooling several children of varying ages. This video was selected because of the order and discipline this woman maintain despite having several children to manage. It’s commendable.

This video argues for homeschooling from a biblical point of view, and outlines the many benefits of homeschooling from a practical and spiritual perspective. One definitely to listen to.


This following videos shares information about structured online homeschooling programs that offers curriculums so you do not have to figure out the process on your own. It also gives you information on how your child can plan towards receiving a high school diploma if that is what they want at the end. If you want to home school but feel fearful or overwhelmed with the process, this would be the way to go.

A second-grader homeschooling curriculum.





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