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The Davidian Youths Experience.

 A poem geared to young adults and beyond.


 To Be A Davidian Youth?


Mother can you listen for a moment

I not trying to turn this into an argument

I’ll try to say this as gently as I can

Gradually I’ve developed these other plans

There’s nothing here to keep me connected

It’s not you or any doctrine that I have rejected

I never really grasped the real Shepherd Rod claims

I just knew that Laodicea and Davidia didn’t think the same

And then my mind drifted

I wasn’t there I wasn’t here I just existed

Never developed friends

Never understood where the church doctrine ends

And yours begins

I was you could say just waiting for this day

Where at least I could map out my own way

Mother, don’t try to interrupt me please

It’s not even about if you agree or disagree

The people at the meeting are good people, see

But this isn’t about them as it is about me

Maybe I’m ungrateful in the face of God

Yet, my case isn’t an exception among the shepherd rods

The children are leaving, look around there’s none

The elders are here but their sons are gone

There is no one with whom I can socialize

Don’t even talk about finding a wife

Take away the friends and the possibility of a wife

You pretty much take away near most half of my life

Look mother, I am twenty-two.

Some things I’m dealing with I can’t tell you

Yeah it’s always “the message” that must prevail

But the message to your son is where it failed

You had to notice that your son is now a man

Keeping us around calls for a well thought out plan

Find a way to bring the youths together

Have us to know and encourage one another

We the generation supposed to be taking over from you?

Training us should be at the top of your list to do

The Christian world is small, Davidians’ even smaller

Can’t bury your head in the sand expect us to just follow

Got to make us love being Davidians

To the point where we are hyped about the Promised Land

But mother my plan is to return one day

It’s the divine reward for bringing me up the right way

That’s if I don’t get too lost along the way

So keep on praying for me mama

Pray that I stay whole, thru life’s endless drama

Do this, let those who run the show know

They got to stop the vein from this steady flow

Can’t keep bleeding out the little ones

Looking at the same, same old faces when the day is done

Sons and daughters going their separate ways

To be cast in outer darkness on judgment day?

Turn the hearts of the fathers to the children?

Wasn’t that Elijah’s true mission to Davidians?

I know you are committed to the Laodiceans

But don’t end up neglecting your own children

For a long time things went right over my head

Sitting in studies and wishing to be elsewhere instead

Nobody ever broke it down to me

It’s like falling off math class since grade three

Like missing a key point your first day of chemistry

A loss the entire semester fail to remedy

Been lost for so long and you couldn’t see

Didn’t break it down in smaller bits for me

So I could chew and digest and love it with you

Then like David I might have grown up daring or do

Who’s the man standing under the myrtle tree?

Or the churches talked about in revelation 3

The two bronze mountains with the chariots between

The five foolish virgins,  well I know what that means

See, some catches and phrases have stuck in my mind

But I couldn’t tell you the real story behind

Nor the essence of the pictorials and the complex designs

The spiritual meanings as it applies to me

My living and my dying and the place where I ought to be

If this is the final message of salvation to man

Upon which the world’s destiny hangs

Then from cradle to adulthood bridge the doctrinal gap

From toddler to manhood leave a traceable map

So by the time I arrive at who I am today

My journey would have led me the Davidian way

Solid, grounded, unshakable, and sure

With a few others like me, maybe a whole lot more

Ready to take my position as watchman at the door

Where the elders can retire and Zion is assured

That my heart’s turned to my father and his heart to mine

Which is exactly why the Rod message was designed

So mama, give this message, this is the message, hear

Tell the mothers and fathers what you heard right here.


The Watchman



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