Sewing Instructions

Knowing how to sew is a valuable skill to have. Beside mending the family clothes, you can alter clothes to fit yourself and even sew an outfit or two if it is more economical for a growing family, or the economy where you live. To learn to sew you should have a sewing machine and a set of basic tools and supplies to start with. You czan find the following supplies at a sewing supply store near you. Make a list and th sales person will help you locate each item.

  1. Sewing machine
  2. A sharp pair of medium sized scissors to start
  3. An assortment of thread
  4. A tape measure
  5. A straight ruler
  6. A curve ruler
  7. Tracing chalk of black and white to start
  8. If you bought a second hand machine and didnt get the attachments with it, you may have to get a set of attachments. Flea markets are a good source to look for them before you go to a store to pay full price for new ones.
  9. A large table f or spreading and cutting.
  10. A fitting manequin your size if you can afford it.
  11. Straight pins
  12. Seam tape until you are more experienced
  13. Bobbins
  14. needle threaders if your eyes aren’t very sharp
  15. a seam ripper for ripping bad seams

Now you are ready to begin to learn to sew.

Below is a great video I couldn’t do any better job. After you carefully look at this video I can help you with any questions you need cleared up. Then I will post another video that should be the next logical one following this tutorial. I will select the videos very carefully as you develop your sewing skills. All instructional videos are not the same. The instructors often bypass many small detail the student does not understand assuming they already know. Here, we are going to select the videos assuming you know nothing at all about sewing and then answer every question in detail..


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