To Siege Or Not To Siege

The Siege.

Speaking about the siege of Ezekiel 4, “…it — the fulfillment of this prophecy obviously commences with Luther,…” (2 TG 39:10) who antitypically rose up on his feet to continue his work as watchman on the walls of Zion in the person of V.T.Houteff. See as follows:

Then Ezekiel arises and is made the watchman: “Son of man, I have made thee a watchman unto the house of Israel: therefore hear the word at My mouth, and give them warning from Me.” 2 TG vol 39:13. and he “…began to sound the warning, the year in which the Spirit of Truth unrolled the scroll and brought in an abundance of Divinely inspired, pure and unadulterated Truth…This message, as some of you already know, began to unfold in 1930…” 2 TG 39:18

Inspiration declares: “Plainly, the house of Judah, since 1930 stands in the same need as the house of Israel stood after 1890….Moreover, it is plain to see that what the house of Judah failed to accomplish after 1890 we must now accomplish against greater odds and in less time.” 2 TG Vol 39 pg 24

“But since we all know that the Reformation has not yet accomplished its Divinely appointed purpose,…, it is obvious that another attempt of revival and reformation is an absolute neccessity.” 2 TG 39:9

Ezekiel, obviously, is especially figurative of this final effort after Ezekiel is through (finished) lying down (430 years) and while he is up and active. Consequently, the same effort which Luther put forth in the sixteenth century is to be carried out in a greater way now in the twentieth century, for such is the prophet’s charge.” Vol 2 39:13

Antitypical Ezekiel started the modern day “twentieth century” siege in 1930! Yes, yet some Davidians, as soon as the word ‘siege’ is mentioned, immediately feel discomfort. They quickly use as an example a certain group presently, engaged in “sieging”, and go on to exclaim this is not the way to take the message  to the church. But this group’s identity and performance is not where the word siege begins and ends. The Rod has mentioned the word “siege. For the reading of this material, I implore everyone therefore, to set aside their understanding of the word siege, and view it from the vantage point of the Shepherd Rod’s message.

“On every street corner you may see placards and notices calling attention to various things that are going on, some of them of the most objectionable character; and shall those who gave the light of life be satisfied with feeble efforts to call the attention of the masses to the truth.” 6 T 36:3

The seventh day Adventist church had been under siege by the Shepherd Rod’s Message since 1930! The fishing campaign is sieging; the hunting campaign is sieging. Sieging encompasses all the actions in the effort to warn the church of the impending danger. But there is another component to the siege which has been mainly neglected by many. The group previously mentioned has brought this area of sieging to the forefront in the last several years, and it has been causing a lot of stir.

So let us explore this components of the siege. In the days of the messenger, Br Houteff, the act of visiting the churches before Sabbath school and after divine service and handing out literature, was not a foreign practice. Attending large venues and setting up a table and carrying signs, also preaching if the situation was favorable, was not unheard of. Laodicea when it was at 50,000 strong, Br Houteff showered the church with 50,000 (fished) tracts per month. He also hunted, and engaged members by direct contact, by his own account. We have grown in numbers by more than 400,000 percent, but yet work at a slower pace. Our great emphasis is on hunting and direct interaction to the church is only done at camp meetings and General conference meetings. We are not supposed to hand out tracts in church, yet we do not hand them out on the outside. We expect through the hunting campaign to slip a tract in the hand of someone only after they are won over by us.

Laodicea have grown exponentially in numbers, while on the other hand, we have after the knock-out-blow diminished for a long while. Many walked away from the message and the rate of acceptance of the message has also correspondingly decreased. All this because the message gained negative notoriety from Florence Houteff’s failed prediction, and the David Koresh incident.

We do not have the element of surprise on our side as when the message first started; the freshness and innocence whereby it was not preceded by scandal and scorn. The course has become much more difficult therefore when a person accepts this message he is accepting it under pure faith and trust in the simple word of God. It is the method God designs for the Davids of our time. No one shall tag along for loaves and fishes, or peace and safety, nor a road swept clean of humiliation. These types of listeners are the hardest ones to find in Laodicea. Its like searching Laodicea with candles. Who are we to decide who is or who is not going to accept the Rod Message by our feeble judgement? Those we think wouldnt, may, and those we think will sometimes turns out to be the Rod’s greatest enemies.

But this having been said, the messengers must also be evolving in their approach as the dynamics above continues to change with the times. The bearer must become more insistent as long as he abides within the perimeters of the prescribed way of delivery. There is nothing in the dark about the message today. We must rise to the occasion of difficulties that faces us in each new generation. What is left now is to warn the people who have not yet heard. The Jacobites will hear and the rebellious will forbear.

Times have changed radically in the church, but some Davidians seem to hardly notice. Many are quick to point out that we stick to the hunting and fishing methods, because the “siege” is a creation of this particular group in question, and they want no part to do with it. But brothers and sisters, sieging in not the creation of this group, not the part where they are giving out literature and carrying signs. If handing out literature is wrong, then it should be wrong in totality. We ought not to go out during camp meetings, and large venues and give out literature either. So why at our local church this practice is an unspoken taboo? What is the difference in hand-outs at large venues and handouts at local churches before Sabbath school, and after divine hour? No difference at all. As long as we stay within the guidelines we observed at the larger venues, we are not violating any written rules.

I suspect the reluctance to engage in this effort is because some of us insist in maintaining our anonymity, and thus our comfort level at home church? Because for those who are not even engaging in the hunting campaign in their local church and still insists on anonymity, what else can it be?

“Ezek. 4:1, 2 — “Thou also, son of man, take thee a tile, and lay it before thee, and pourtray upon it the city, even Jerusalem: and lay siege against it, and build a fort against it, and cast a mount against it; set the camp also against it, and set battering rams against it round about. Ezekiel is commanded to lay siege against it, to take it!  Now, since this Jerusalem stands for the Church while among the Gentiles, and since God commands His own servant, the prophet, to besiege it, to protest against it, and to take it, it is therefore obvious that the Church, the Jerusalem here portrayed, is shown as having been drawn away from God, and that God is endeavoring to rescue her, to effect a reformation in her midst. …since the Christian church, Jerusalem, away from its original geographical location, was for the first time in history so attacked, or besieged, by Martin Luther — by the Protestant Reformation — the fulfillment of this prophecy obviously commences with Luther.” 2 TG 39 pg 9-10

“…the center of God’s “closing work for the church,” where a “camp” is being builded for the purpose of laying “siege against” the “city,” is always looked forward to with great pleasure. ” Sy Code Vol  3# 1 p7

“The main object and the first cause for this project is to fulfill the commission according to Ezek. 4:2, “Lay siege against it, and build a fort against it, and cast a mount against it; set the camp also against it, and set battering rams against it round about.”  That is, build a temporary place (camp) where you can train workers (battering rams, margin–leaders) who can go and boldly face the situation, for which cause “I have made thy face strong….As an adament harder than flint have I made thy forehead; fear them not, neither be dismayed at their looks, though they be a rebellious house.”  (Ezek. 3:8, 9.)Vol 2 # 1 pg 2

“Hear now what the lord saith. Contend thou before the mountains and let the hills hear thy voice.” The mountains and hills being in plural would mean churches and organizations. In this sense it could not refer to God’s church.

Note carefully here, God is commanding us to contend before the mountains and hills, and the prophet is saying this is not referring to the church of God. We are sent to the SDA church, are we not? So why are we being told to contend before the mountains and hills if they do not represent God’s church? We have learned as Rod believers that this message is for the Seventh Day Adventist church and we believe that. There is no doubt. So in what way are we to contend before the hills and mountains? Who are the mountains and hills?

”Hear ye oh mountains the Lord’s controversy and ye strong foundations of the earth: for the Lord hath a controversy with His people and He would plead with Israel.”

So we see here that the foundations of the earth must hear this controversy. That is before the purification not after. For when the purification happens God’s pleading with Israel ceases.

When does this occur, that worldwide nations, “foundations of the earth” must know of a controversy God is having with His people? Let us find out.

“The words, ;Arise, contend before the mountains and let the hills hear thy voice implies that heretofore his voice has been heard only locally but now he must meet the situation even though the mountains, and hills, and the strong foundations of the earth hear that the Lord is having a controversy with His people.”

The Lord says here that we have been giving this message locally, but at some point we must rid ourselves of inhibitions, gain more notoriety that is, tell it more assuredly, “even though the mountains and the hills and the strong foundations of the earth HEAR that the Lord is having a controversy with His people.” In other word, our plea has to grow louder, more insistent till the mountain and the hills take notice, till we achieve full attention.

Some Davidians do not disagree that this is what’s being said here. What they insist upon is that we should let it happen naturally. They expect some supernatural incidence to propel this situation into focus. But read again. The quote says:heretofore his voice has been heard only locally but now he must meet the situation.”

Until you can get past this ‘he must’ you need raise no argument but against thehe must.Some caution, ‘we do not want to bring the time of trouble upon ourselves,’ and be that as it may in some circumstances, it does not apply here. There is no such thing suggested here. It is an action of the human will confirmed by Inspiration. It is expressed to the worker in no uncertain terms that he is to contend before the hills. Furthermore he is commanded to ARISE. He is to elevate his position of lowness to an upright position, a fearless position, like Ezekiel on his feet. There is no conditional act preceding this operation except to read and hear the command. The time has arrived. It shows here that at some point it was fine to keep the message low-keyed and under a bushel, but not anymore. The moment it is brought to the understanding, it is the moment it goes into effect.

“Until now we have been trifling with the Lord’s adversaries, but now we must get down to business, REGARDLESS who HEARS.”?

Again, There is a time Davidians are told they have to pull out all stops and take the message public. The permission is given here. At first glance, It seem to contradict the fishing/hunting method which describes a stealthier approach, but God in His wisdom has all things planned and paced according to His pleasure. We could have read this several times before and bypassed it, but it now stands out in some people’s understanding as clear as day.

Actually, this action described above is of invaluable benefit to the world.  Through these actions the world would be privileged to witness first hand, God’s prediction, and His judgment fulfilled, prior to the Loud Cry. This knowledge would cause many to believe. The people in the Loud Cry have not had the privilege of a lifetime to get their lives right, as we did, but unlike us, God is making them special witnesses to His power that would be worth thousands of  words and years of probation, through the slaughter of Ezekiel 9. This is how they would be capable of making a decision in a very short period of time. We have been blessed with time to decide, they would be equally blessed with overwhelming visual evidence. Time and chance happeneth to all men, is not an empty promise. There is a divine reason He insists that the strongholds and sects must know of this controversy beforehand, that we are to: “…contend before the mountains not against them, that is, (we) he is to proclaim that the Lord has a controversy with His people, that He is asking for a thorough reformation among them, and that they are not willing to co-operate.”, and that there is a penalty for their disobedience.

God is, through inspiration, telling us in no uncertain terms what we must do, but are we are waiting for a sign? For a right moment which is never going to come, since He did not promise a sign nor a condition to begin this contending, but commanded: ARISE! Br Houteff advocated this position while alive in Tract 7. Since then that vigorous area of the work (siege) has been neglected. If it had continued on today, we’d be just as notorious as any or, more than any religious organization out there. Because prophetically, the mountains and hills are to hear our voices. Since David Koresh, few in the world now know of our existence, but it must, it has to, bound to, have a ground swell, that God has a controversy with His people.

Imagine in the Rod message, written in plain English, is the prophetic utterances that the strong foundations of the earth must become aware of this controversy. It is enough to cause one to tremble; the idea that the time has come to stand in the spotlight; to be internationally revealed as a Shepherd Rod believer, steeped in the center of a great controversy. If we are waiting to take the glory of “men wondered at,” we must the scorn of the misunderstood. God will not allow us to live an uneventful life hidden among the masses, only to wake up one day to grasp the crown of the redeemed.

“Those who receive this message areto arise quietly, but openly, to present the truth to their brothers and sisters in the church, with zeal and earnestness in the fear of the Lord doubting nothing, leaving the results with God.” 1 SR 244:3

Some of us may have our doubts as to whether the controversial act of handing tracts at the front of the church is a divine act.  But divine controversy began between Christ and Satan. W are an extension of that controversy. It is unavoidable.

At some point we must realize that we do not have the luxury we had forty years ago to move as if we have forty more years left. Through the signs observed of the nearness of the time, we must pick up the pace. And here is the word of inspiration saying “heretofore meaning:  prior to now; up to the present time; from the beginning to this point; forty-years or more ago we have been operating “locally” and it’s time to go “public” regardless of how it strikes our sensibility, our position, rank, or self perception; because Jesus did the same and suffered great humiliation for us. Yes, the Majesty of heaven suffered great humiliation to save us! Would He expect less from our sin fallen souls? Would He ask less of a people vying for the positions of antitypical Savours. The first ever of its kind ever?

As we approach the end we know we are going to rise to international attention. We cannot forever delay it. We are told as David we should be willing to do and dare, and that is not after we are sealed. That’s easy then. God cannot place responsibility upon us if we were first unwilling to exercise our willingness in faith beforehand.

Some of us like to attend “studies”. It is our specialty and who doesn’t. We are well learned in the Rod Message. We love to nourish ourselves with the message over and over again, as we should. Meeting grounds are a safe place. That is good in and of itself as long as we have corresponding efforts beyond those confines. At meetings some of us can be heard making strong points. But on Sabbaths among the endangered, we dare not be as silent as lambs!

As hard as this is to say or even believe, some of us have been going to church year after year taking part in church activities; holding positions in church; never handing out a tract; never studying with anyone; and now we are being faced with the challenge of coming out to our beloved friends among the Laodiceans? To us it is a new and strange idea. It brings us face to face with the reality that we are not going to escape the experience of the bitter cup of humiliation that Christ himself drank from. That we are not going to be sealed quietly, only to be transformed into spiritual superheros on Mt Zion. But in carnal flesh, and fledgling faith, fully conscious and aware, we must stand before a people full of hate and rancor, and in the presence of the world, to openly deliver a message that only brings us ridicule and scorn, while we maintain an undying love for them.

We are not following the hunting methods if for years we have not studied with one Seventh Day Adventist. And this is often the reason why: unlike Br Houteff’s days when the message was fresh, and we could have had countless studies with people even amidst the opposition, we have had sister Houteff’s open betrayal and the David Koresh scandal. The very mention of studies triggers an alarm. Seem studies have become a code word for Shepherd Rod, so much so, that immediate suspicion is cast upon oneself when one uses the term: studies.  Many Davidians sensing this do not take the chance to even propose ‘a study’, if they intend to remain in good standing with their brethren at church.

Even if the Hunting Method is done faithfully, one is open to being ousted after months of painstaking and careful studies, because a student may likely turn on you. In fact, it has happened again and again. Chances always are, out of all the people you have studied with, only a negligible fraction goes on to become card-carrying, tithe paying, members of the Shepherd Rod’s Associations. Not negligible in the sense of the cost of one soul, but negligible in terms of the practical economy of time. We must reach more with our time. Having said this, all the modalities of reaching the brethren must be in operation at all times.

So after you are ousted, the gossip mill goes into gear. Fantastic tales are made up about the Shepherd Rod’s teacher to discourage others from even considering investigation. And if you do not turn to giving out tracts at the entrance to clarify your position, have you reached the others who have been neglected all these months while you studied with this one brother? How are you going to let them know what they have been told are lies? Are you just going to simply move on?

Therefore, to be going comfortably to any church for years without being ousted as a Rod believer, proves one is not engaging in the Hunting Method, either. If this is ones position, it would understandably be difficult to take part in the more visible area of the work, which is going to reveal ones identity, once and for all?

The fishing method need no explanation being itself the administrative part of the work, and calls for less on-the-ground personal sacrifice and much more money.

This third and last area of sieging is very simple: To stand outside the church before Sabbath school and after divine service and advertise the message. That entails handing out tracts, bearing posters pointing out the abominations in the church and the solutions if one desires, and quietly and gracefully engaging those who are interested in discussing your mission. That is all you have to do to fulfill this area of the siege on Laodicea.

The purpose of the hunting method, fully effected, is to get participants to study the message so you can make members of them. The hunting method is not for warning the church particularly, it is specific. A hunter’s action is not to warn the prey he is in pursuit of; his objective is to capture his target. That is why the hunting method calls for a lot of subtlety and developing friendships, to the exclusion of those who are hostile to the message.

The fishing method is to gather in the good and the bad. “A net cast in the sea naturally gathers good and bad, small and large fish.” 1 TG 21:12. The good is destined to respond. But the fishing net never catches all that is in the sea, even some of the good. Not to mention there are those who do not have a stable address, those who cannot read, or those who overlook unsolicited mail. :The backsliders and indifferent, those who are unstable and those who see no need for God…” 1TG 21:17. This is the area of  the siege that takes the message to the front steps of the congregation and grabs the attention of all. It is a method that is time efficient and cost-effective. It completes the cycle by meeting the transient, the illiterate, and the neglectful, and all else. Every ear must hear is the objective. Then will the work be complete. These three areas of the siege proves on careful consideration, to be able to meet the Loadiceans ability to hear or forbear.

Laodicea, en masse, must come face to face with the stark truth that there is a saving message to the church and they must either hear or forbear, to their eternal destiny. There is not much time left, no matter what others may say, we are in the last hours of earth’s closing scenes, and our brethren must be warned so as to have a fighting chance, and to ensure us of the seal of God!

Judgment begins at the church. It’s not about getting people to believe the message so they can pay tithes to support the work, if there ever was such an ungodly notion. It’s about warning the masses of the impending slaughter of Ezekiel nine. And while doing so the funds become the positive side effects of our effort. Among those we warn are Jacob’s children. Whether we go clandestinely or openly, Jacob’s children will hear God’s voice.” My sheep hears my voice.,”  is a homing call to which the sheep’s homing instinct is bound to respond. Zion will, shake off her fruits.

Were there any prophet or messenger sent from God, past and recent, whom the church welcomed with open arms?

We have 20 million people to warn and only one hundred and forty-four thousand will hear. So we should get that dreadful guilt off of our shoulders about turning people off by sieging in the proper way. They will not accept the truth even if it is brought to them on a silver platter. If Christ should appear before them their reaction would be the same. He already proved it when He was here. They would not speak any less unfavorable of Shepherd Rod’s believers;  even if they were never to receive a single tract from us! Had any prophet in history been lauded by the congregation for the way he delivered a message? Have they received a message because the messenger was full of an outward show of love? What is this outward show of love so many speak of? Love, is in faithful delivery.

If you listen to Seventh Day Adventist leaders as you siege before the church, their main concern is that you are interfering with their efforts to evangelize the neighborhood. That you are airing dirty linen. And that is a remarkable concern, because it is the main purpose of the public siege: to alert the world of the controversy between God and His people, of their disobedience . “…make it public…”  This exposure is to employ the world as witness to God’s faithfulness in showing mercy to a disobedient people, before the great carnage that would follow. That the world would know His strange act is justified!

The world would have had eyewitness account that a people (Davidians) were doing this:  “…contend before the mountains and hills(kingdoms and governments) not against them, that is, (we) he is to proclaim that the Lord has a controversy with His people, that He is asking for a thorough reformation among them, and that they are not willing to co-operate.”

Just make absolutely sure your behaviour in this public presentation is irreproachable only before God, by using Jesus as your example, but siege you must. You cannot please Laodiceans and you certainly cannot please many Davidians in this matter, and you are not bound to. It is important that you please God and follow His command.

You must have a burning desire to see this work done. It is not your concern who does it, and not in your power to change the wrong way others do it. It is about your personal responsibility to the work. Just make sure you do it correctly. It is your challenge to read prayerfully and carefully, 1 TG 27, and Heavens Appeal, where all these quotes are taken from and do what the Lord has commanded.

The use of the bullhorn employed by others, the calling out to the people as they go into service, abrupt confrontations, is not encouraged here. But you cannot condemn giving out tracts and holding up signs. This has been Rod approved before you ever knew the Rod Message. The police will still be called on you. You are still going to be accused of disrupting church services. Have the church ever offered and approved of a way you should bring the message to them? You hunt as prescribed, and when they find you out, you are labeled a deceiver. You are upfront about who you are and you are considered a pariah and everyone is warned to stay away from you. And people do stay away from you because most of them are designed to do just that.

Do not therefore, unfairly rest upon the shoulders of the faithful messengers, the fault of Laodicea’s rejection of the message because they hands out tracts and carry signs warning Laodicea. Again, has any messenger of God ever been received warmly? Has it ever been said about a messenger that he was a nice man full of love? 19 million, 800 and 56 thousand and counting, are designed to accept, and 144 thousand are designed to reject? If it were so, Davidia would be burgeoning at the seams with members as we speak. The majority are guaranteed to reject this message from God, and therefore would have issues with any technique used in bringing the message before them.

Eat little and live longer

Some Davidians have the attitude of eat little and live longer. They may fear if they co-sign with this area of the ‘siege’ the message would reach critical mass too swiftly, causing a massive turnoff and an ensuing backlash in the area of tithing. Meaning, that now completely exposed, there will be no new members garnered through the Hunting Method, and therefore no tithing for continued support of the work. Because of this idea, in trying to keep it below critical, they are moving with, deliberate haste? which results, knowingly or unknowingly, into a type of stranglehold on the work; a type of bureaucratic, white-collar subterfuge, if you will. At this rate, some of us have made a career out of managing the pace at which the message is delivered!

So some men believe, if they venture to honor the last phase of the siege, the entire set up will implode. Imagine a fear that the siege would cause a loss of funds. So at the expense of warning Adventist in an open and direct way, (people who are dying off every day,) their unshakable method is to ration out information to the people; people who need this information as much as they need water for very life.

God has ways of financing His work we haven’t even imagined, and if I may say, it takes a very myopic view to suppose it would dry up once the people ar warned in a wholesale effort. Desperate times call for desperate measures. These measures are itemized in the message: “…that heretofore his voice has been heard only locally.” Heretofore means, up to now, before this. Which means, the work up to that point has been going at a certain pace,but now he must meet the  situation. with an altered approach. But with this “situation” it must now change. What situation? Did this situation exist then, does it exist now, is it to exist later? He realized the situation was critical when he said, “now is the time,” “…make it public…” Make it public to the “mountains”=kingdoms, “hills”=governments, and “strong foundations of the earth.” How much more critical is it now ?

The prophet was careful to note that mountains and hills plural, are not God’s church but worldly entities. This effort of making it public has had major setbacks since the prophet’s death, but now we can see the need for this effort to convene in an all out campaign. In fact, this mammoth effort logically promises, that Jacob’s children would rapidly swell the Davidian ranks, so we can finally go home. For Jacob’s children, without fail, are going to accept this message. There is nothing we can possibly do to cause Jacob’s children to turn away. They will be gathered. It is an inescapable reality that is bounded up in heaven and binded here on earth. Selah!

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