What Kind Of Visitor Do You Make


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“The privilege granted Abraham and Lot is not denied to us. By showing hospitality to God’s children we, too, may receive His angels into our dwellings. Even in our day angels in human form enter the homes of men and are entertained by them. And Christians who live in the light of God’s countenance are always accompanied by unseen angels, and these holy beings leave behind them a blessing in our homes.” AH 445:3

We all love to have visitors. We open our doors to each other. We catch up faith, joys,with stories of faith and blessings, and sometimes our deepest thoughts concerns. It is a welcome reprieve from the constant grind of life. We break bread together and it is a wonderful time. About the host, have we considered the sacrifices they have made to accommodate us or we them? We must be mindful.

Abraham did receive visitors graciously but they came bringing good tidings of joy and fertility. What are we going to bring to our host? Yes we have the gospel to bring to them but we can also cater to some other practical needs.

The host will usually put on hold their own schedule to cater to us. They have not only gone out of their way to prepare sleeping quarters, but purchased more food so that they can have enough to share with us; sometimes more to our own liking, and not necessarily theirs. So what do we do for them besides bringing company? These are the things we should consider. Are we expecting to be waited upon hands and feet? Do we help in the preparation of meals?

“I appeal to men and women to whom God has given intelligence: Learn how to cook. I make no mistake when I say β€œmen,” for they, as well as women, need to understand the simple, healthful preparation of food. Their business often takes them where they cannot obtain wholesome food. They may be called to remain days and even weeks in families that are entirely ignorant in this respect. Then, if they have the knowledge, they can use it to good purpose.β€”” [Christian Temperance and Bible Hygiene, 56, 57Counsels on Health, 155, 1890

Do we make the excuse that others prepares the meal for us at home so we have no idea how to cook simple dishes. Can we do our own laundry or volunteer to. Can we see something we can improve upon in our hosts surroundings to make their lives easier than we found them. Are we a blessing to our hosts in other creative ways.

If we do not know how to cook we should learn how to before we visit other people’s homes to stay for extended periods of time. The host may have a job and we are left at home part of the day. It would be sometimes a pleasure for them to arrive from work and find a hot meal waiting, rather than to find you helplessly waiting for them to cook for you, every single time. Men or women, young or old, we all should learn to prepare meals. Looking forward to the kingdom, we must improve every area in our lives for God’s glory. Healthful cooking is not relegated to any one in particular, but to both male and female.

These are some of the things which need to be corrected in our understanding of what we should expect of ourselves as guest. As workers for the Lord, we may visit places where people need to be taught how to prepare healthy dishes, how to improve on hygiene, how to keep a neat and tidy home. It would do us well to learn these things as diligently as we learn the word of God to feed them with. In fact, we know that the health message is an entering wedge, and though we may already have our foot in the door by being received as a guest in the first place, displaying our cuisine skills is just an added bonus in convincing others of the truth.

There are so many blessings we can impart by being a good guest. We always take note of how gracious a host Abraham was to the strangers, but they were visitor bearing good tidings. And good tidings encompasses more than just the straight word of God, it includes all the virtues and the atmosphere of grace that surrounds it.

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