Young Adults: 18+


An Address To The Youth


This website was born because of a group that seems to be significantly absent, generationally, in Davidia – the 18-34 age groups, and even older. And by all accounts, an entire new generation of people is for the most part, missing. That would be a fair observation if we take into consideration the average age of our members at present. The leaders of these several groups have not changed hands in the main for many years. But where are their immediate offspring who in their thirties and forties are ready to take over the work? Missing! This group that grew up in the message with their parents, will as soon as they turn eighteen, begin to slack off, till they altogether disappears. I am speaking largely about the followers in the United States of America and the Caribbean region. We cannot boast of the youthful groups among Mexicans, or Africans who are now one of the fastest growing demographic in the Rod Message.

This article is talking about the second and third generation of offsprings. To prove this, there aren’t much Davidians over sixty who can say, my son has followed in my footsteps in the message.  If they are over twenty-five and Davidian, they are often not related to the older people in the message, but are first generation converts. The 18 and up age group, who grew up in the message from babies, have proved time after time to wander away from the message. When this group leaves they are very difficult to reach again, if ever. They stay away from the message as if it were the plague. The years they are out on their sojourn are years we can label as – The restless years. There is much to experience they imagine, much like Eve imagined, very much like the prodigal. They are given over to years spent in hopeless meanderings only to realize there is nothing out there but disappointment.

Many people use the following reasoning to why the off springs are missing. They say children are not guaranteed to have the same mind as their parents’, after all; they are adults and have to forge their own relationship with Christ. Didn’t most of King David’s sons turned out to be rebels anyway? That is true and may apply in many cases. But from another angle, isn’t this the message that turns the heart of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to the fathers? Wouldn’t this be the perfect opportunity to put this promise to test? We must make greater effort to ensure we are doing the best we can to keep our children with us right into the promise land. Our children must be a great part of the labor we expend on Laodicea. It might be too late for some of them but it is never to late to turn a new chapter for those at present.

Even though Joseph, Daniel, King David, and others, entered into service at very young ages, today, the enemy turned the idea around to appear as if the youth should spend their early years having a good time, and when they are old, then they should return to God.  Yet those who entered the promise land were not the adults, they were the youths, and it just might happen all over again; because if the grown-ups are fighting amongst themselves while the youths perish, then a little child might very well have to lead.

Minus all the bickering and the tales that are told about why associations should continue to bicker, we may be able to forge ahead. Most of this bickering is made up of some fantastic reasoning while using rod passages to support it, because these claim are not found rooted in the Rod’s first language. There is nothing that could be found expressly written as to why there is this separation. Scripture is often so twisted in this pursuit to prove a group’s relevancy, that you can only discover the error if you inspect it carefully with bifocals. Others point to the old testament and tell you why there is to be always an existing association, leaving out the many examples in biblical history and even in modern times, when God saw it fit not to have a specific leadership but to forge on with the same mind and purpose.

From John the revelator to Martin Luther the reformer, how many years between them with no tangible leadership? We have grown men holding on to their theories with steadfastness even though they are claiming the other is wrong. Yet, they say: one of us is bound to be legitimate; Instead on putting all that separates them on the table and asking to be guided by the Holy Spirit to come once and for all to knowledge of the truth, they continue to bicker. If every one of them are sincere, wouldn’t God lead and direct them to the truth if they beg God with all their might?

Regardless of what you feel and how strongly you feel, no matter how many scriptures you pull out, how many passages you quote, the chances are, your association is more likely than not to be leading you down a path of fallacy. Because if in fact only one is legitimate, the other 90% are false shepherds. Davidia is in deep crisis while the clock ticks toward doomsday!

If all of the claims are set aside then we can see clearly the purpose ahead, but the claims get in the way. How could that be? Think on these things. And after you think on these things and disagree, still purpose to forge ahead, the only aim and goal should be to take this message to mother and to our perishing brothers and sisters. Forge on! Forge on! Forge on, youths of Davidia! Whether you are below the age of eighteen or above the age of thirty-four, forge on.