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What should I do? I’m seventeen, I know this girl in my church. She is seventeen too. We believe the same things and have same values. But we like each other a lot. A whole lot. What should we do about that? We’re not ready to get married. We just started college. We never touched but I know we both thought about it. We said we would get married at twenty-two, right after college. What do we do in the meantime? Anyone has any ideas? HelpMe-et

I have the same problem and I talk to my dad about it. He said we just have to wait and be friends. We should avoid being alone. And if its real love, it would be there when we finish school and ready to get married. I am taking his advice so far. Me and her talk on the phone almost every day. Judah’s Son

I thought it was me alone that used to have that problem. But my solution came to me by accident. We moved to the country and it,s so much to do, by the end of the day, all I just think about is sleep. It’s not that I’m ever bored. I’m not kidding. The country takes your mind off of everything, even TV. Maybe you all should try the country sometime. Country Bumpkin

I’m a girl and I was thinking: Didn’t people in the bible marry young? I don’t know how young but imagine two seventeen year old getting married? But then again, they were out in the desert with no stuff to distract them like we do. I say definitely wait. Beside, by the time you get out of college you might not even be interested in the same person. Davidian Princess

College? Who’s talking about college. If you think being tempted by a girl in church is bad, wait till you get to college. It’s not only the girls, it’s the hangouts, and all that. My mom used to say before I left out for college: If I raised you right, you have no business getting into wrong. Don’t know if she is right. It’s pretty tempting out here. Pray for me please. Young David

Yeah, this is Country Bumpkin again. I had to answer Davidian Princess. Country life takes care of all that. I do college course online. What it takes you running from one class to the other all day, I do in a few hours. Then I have most of my days left to myself. I get into all kinds of DIY projects. I don’t know what you all think going to college going to get you but temptation. Just come spend a week out here with me and you ain’t never gonna ever leave. See you then. Country Bumpkin

Look, don’t make the same mistakes I made. I married at eighteen because I COULDN’T WAIT. Don’t get married just because it’s the only way you can get to be with a girl. I believe we both got married for that reason. We started fighting. She went back home and we are both kinda lost right now. Now we fighting over the baby. I’m twenty-two now, can’t get married again because we never cheated on each other. We just can’t get along living together. It’s a big mess. Please, please don’t make the same mistake I made. Mr Disappointed

I’m a little older than all of you, just a little. Here’s the thing. “Boys and girls enter upon the marriage relationship with unripe love, immature judgment, without noble elevated feelings, and take up on themselves the marriage vows, wholly led by their boyish , girlish passions.”: Messages To Young People pg.452:1. If you read the second paragraph you’ll see what’s predicted to happen. Mr disappointed, can you relate? Be blessed everyone. Just hold on, and wait. See that girl you want to love forever? Just wait, but if you don’t, you’d end up hating her forever instead. And if she wouldn’t wait, most likely she would have ended up hating you too. Older and Wiser

Wasn’t Isaac forty years old when he married? So in our years that would be twenty, because we are living half the time they lived in those days. But still, twenty is real young. And didn’t his parents find him a wife? We don’t do that today. Should we? That’s another story. I guess twenty years olds were much more mature than we are today, because our brain shrinked since then. So let’s add two more years to that twenty. So what I am saying is, I think twenty-two is the right age to think about marriage. Period. Sister Calculator

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